True Friends

Hey Everyone,
Lately i’ve been thinking that me and some of my friends have started to drift apart.We don’t talk or hang out as much as we used to.This is ok though because I have more friends and i’ve started getting closer to people I wasn’t that close to.I guess 6 weeks changes people a lot.I know now that I have made my forever friends, the ones that will never leave me,and will be there to be my shoulder to cry and have to put up with my moaning 24/7.But they don’t care because they are my true friends and I Love Them.

Anyway that’s all from me today.Stay Awesome.

lots of love





Then I would be lying

Do you ever think you have a friend and then they just turn on you,Yea me too I wish I could say no but then I would be lying.

I’ve been a friend to you since we met and now you treat me like shit.

You know I have depression and you make me even worse I’m trying to make my depression better but the way you’re treating me its never gonna happen.

I told you that you were one of the reasons why I want to kill myself and you said your proud. From that I’m guessing that if  I killed myself you wouldn’t care you’re too selfish to care.You won’t care until you find out you’re the reason why.

Thanks A lot

Oh and btw this is aimed at a certain person so please don’t think it’s any of you guys  I love you all.I just needed to write this down.

Lots of Love





Happy New Year Everyone sorry it’s late but my 2017 hasn’t been off to a good start.

First Christmas Day I threw up 5 times.Then New Years Day I got cheated on by someone I wasn’t even going out with.And lastly Panic Attacks and Tears but i’m finally back on the blog wishing you a Happy New Year and I hope you had a wonderful christmas.

Lots of Love



Panic Attacks

You may not know that I have anxiety and that doesn’t make life very easy. I’m writing this blog post because I just had a panic attack over a silly thing but to me it coulod ruin my life.My friend took my phone and started messaging my crush and that made me very panicky I tried to apologize but he’s not read the message yet fingers crossed he is still my friend. Anyway i’m writing this blog to tell you how I get through my panic attacks and hopefully it will help you aswell.

Things to Do When Having A Panic Attack

  1. Take Deep Breaths
  2. FaceTime my bestfriend (he always helps)
  3. Do stuff you love (for me it’s singing)
  4. Watch youtube to take your mind of things
  5. Read a blog (MyLifeAsLizzie)

What Not To Do While Having A Panic Attack

  1. Keep doing the thing that is making you panicky
  2. Not doing anything so your mind is only focusing on the panickyness
  3. Not taking deep breaths

I learned all these the hard way with a little help from my friends along the way.Now i’m your friend to help you and don’t think about saying that I can’t help you when I can because I have panic attacks aswell.

I hope these tips help you and i’ll see you all later

Lots of Love




Hey Guys,

Welcome to my Blog.Here is where I help you with your  problems and I can tell you mine.   I will also give you Tips and a notification when a video is up on my Youtube Channel so you can see it before anyone else.I really hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and I will certainly enjoy reading your comments.

Hope To Hear From Me Soon

Lots Of Love