Then I would be lying

Do you ever think you have a friend and then they just turn on you,Yea me too I wish I could say no but then I would be lying.

I’ve been a friend to you since we met and now you treat me like shit.

You know I have depression and you make me even worse I’m trying to make my depression better but the way you’re treating me its never gonna happen.

I told you that you were one of the reasons why I want to kill myself and you said your proud. From that I’m guessing that if  I killed myself you wouldn’t care you’re too selfish to care.You won’t care until you find out you’re the reason why.

Thanks A lot

Oh and btw this is aimed at a certain person so please don’t think it’s any of you guys  I love you all.I just needed to write this down.

Lots of Love





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