Panic Attacks

You may not know that I have anxiety and that doesn’t make life very easy. I’m writing this blog post because I just had a panic attack over a silly thing but to me it coulod ruin my life.My friend took my phone and started messaging my crush and that made me very panicky I tried to apologize but he’s not read the message yet fingers crossed he is still my friend. Anyway i’m writing this blog to tell you how I get through my panic attacks and hopefully it will help you aswell.

Things to Do When Having A Panic Attack

  1. Take Deep Breaths
  2. FaceTime my bestfriend (he always helps)
  3. Do stuff you love (for me it’s singing)
  4. Watch youtube to take your mind of things
  5. Read a blog (MyLifeAsLizzie)

What Not To Do While Having A Panic Attack

  1. Keep doing the thing that is making you panicky
  2. Not doing anything so your mind is only focusing on the panickyness
  3. Not taking deep breaths

I learned all these the hard way with a little help from my friends along the way.Now i’m your friend to help you and don’t think about saying that I can’t help you when I can because I have panic attacks aswell.

I hope these tips help you and i’ll see you all later

Lots of Love




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